Picture Keeper for Backup






Picture Keeper!  I love this product line!  I use them professionally for all my client organizing jobs as well as personally.  The have a variety of USB devices (choose to suit your needs) that are all Plug and Play and simple to use.  I LOVE Picture Keeper Connect that connects to your mobile phone and backs up all the photos on there – it’s great if you are running out of room and need to get them off easily.  AND best of all – recognizes DUPLICATES and doesn’t back them up!

  • Picture Keeper
  • Video Keeper
  • Music Keeper
  • Document/Business Keeper

About Picture Keeper This isn’t the cloud, it isn’t a hard drive, it isn’t just a flash drive. Picture Keeper is a solution. We embed our software onto our custom flash drives and make them available in multiple capacities. Picture Keeper gets you started protecting your photo files quickly. We offer a wide variety of drive sizes to fit whatever your photo needs may be.