More About the Panstoria Manuals

This Panstoria Historian and Artisan How-To Manuals are chalk full of tips, tricks and techniques all in easy to follow steps. Some things that you will find covered are:

  • Setting up your software and getting started
  • Moving and backing up your software
  • Tools and techniques
  • Speedy album making tips
  • Text and photo techniques
  • Creating your own embellishments, overlays and themes
  • Some really cool techniques to spice up your project

Artisan4 How-To 8x10 - Page 014sm
Historian4 How-To 8x10 - Page 006sm

“Creativity is only limited by imagination and the willingness to learn new things.” – Karen Harmsworth

Historian – Easily organize, cross reference & find, edit & fine tune your photos, and plan your albums.

Artisan – Create beautiful and personalized, one of a kind books and photo projects.

Buy the manuals individually or as a 2-in-1 book with bonus materials. E-book avialable.

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“Thank you so much for this professional looking manual! II LOVE IT!!! It is easy to follow, and so full of information! I like that you used color illustrations as well as putting your comments on what works best for you.” – Port Alberni, BC