Panstoria How-To Manuals

ebook coverPeople ask me all the time…
“Can I restore a damaged photo?”
“How do I make the text wrap around a photo?”
“Is there a simple way to move my Photo Vault or my Artisan Program to another computer?”

These handy reference guides will answer all these questions and more. They will be the constant companions to your Panstoria Historian and Artisan software. You don’t have to “speak geek” to use these quick, how-to guides for everything from getting organized to completing your projects. Whether you are a novice or a more advanced user, you will appreciate the tips, tricks, and step-by-step instructions that are simple to follow, will save you time and will allow you to express yourself creatively on the pages of your photo projects.

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Not familiar with the Panstoria’s Historian or Artisan Software?

Go to Panstoria’s website to learn more about this amazing, easy to use and intuitive software. This software is for Windows computers.

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