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I get a lot of questions about how to best transition to Mylio from other organizing programs.  The thing to remember is that if your photos are not organized in other programs, they will not be organized well in Mylio.  Mylio will organize automatically using the metadata embedded in your digital files, but scanned photos have incorrect metadata so those files don’t organize well.

Here’s some tips:

  1. Figure out how to only export one copy of the photo (don’t export by folders if you program allows you to have a photo accessed in a number of folders).
  2. Pay attention to the tagging or key wording, ratings, facial recognition and dates used in your program because Mylio will utilize that information as well to help you organize.
  3. Export in an organized fashion and have Mylio organize into folders – I use annual folders as a start so that I can break down my export into bitesized chunks for  “post import” Mylio organization.
  4. Be sure to have a back up of your original program’s data in case you want to go back, have an export problem or some other random issue (remember that you are working with computers – they will eventually let you down).  I always keep a current backup of the original files.

I help a lot of people that have been using Panstoria’s Historian that want to use Mylio.  Below you will find a workflow for that transition.  I invite your comments.

Historian to Mylio

Happy organizing!


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