My Favorite Products

Here your will find a collection of some of my favorite products that I use in managing my photos, media and memorabilia.  This is an ever changing and growing list, so check back all the time.

I invite your feedback and comments.  Tell me about your favorite products and why you love them.

Scanners – I’m an Epson Girl!

I like them all and I own 3.  If you are shopping for one and you want to use it for photos, slides, negatives, etc. be sure to choose one that is specifically for that.  These scanners will do documents just fine but not all scanners do a good job on photographic materials.  I love that the software is easy to use and allows you to control the settings if you want to.

     Mylio for Organizing your Photos

Mylio is what I use.  It’s PC or Mac and it can come with a private cloud service for extra back up.  It’s very intuitive for organizing, has facial recognition capabilities  and can do a lot for you.   Try it for FREE and when you want to purchase use coupon code ’karenharmsworth’ and receive 20% off.

     Picture Keeper – A Must Have!Picture Keeper - backing up your photos doesn't get any simpler.

Picture Keeper has saved me hours of searching for photos all over hard-drives.  It’s built-in software auto searches and transfers copies of the photos to itself.  Great for organizing/transferring and backing up!

    Forever – Private Cloud space you OWN

I choose Forever because I’m not very trusting about cloud spaces – I want private cloud services.  What could be better than owning your own cloud…no data mining, no using your photographs, no identity theft opportunities.  And you can share it with only those you choose.  Forever is excellent for collaborating with those important picture takers in your life.  They also carry an excellent digital album product – Artisan.