Cloud Backups Unreliable?

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Cloud Backups Unreliable?

I read an interesting article recently that made me ask if my Backup system was working well for me and if I was happy with the cloud backup option I chose.

Our family has seen it’s share of insurance claims with a house fire and a couple of floods so I really believe in having an offsite back up. In the early digital days, I used to keep a CD copy of my photos at a family member’s home but now using a Cloud based system is in theory a good alternative. But as I found out, you need to know your service and read the fine print. AND it shouldn’t be your only back up plan.

If you choose a cloud service, understand how long it will take to back up your photos. Even if they offer unlimited storage, they may not get it backed up for months or even years due to their own self directed limitation on the account that you pay for. FREE accounts…worth every penny in my opinion. I have found that they data mine and sell my information to those that provide unwanted advertising and often it is difficult to get your photos back. Many of them ask you to sign away the rights of your photos but that information is buried in the fine print so it’s easy to miss.

Forbes Magazine did a good article on this a couple of years ago…worth the read.

Personally, I use 2 cloud based services. Mylio which has an annual subscription and Forever which I own outright.

This is in addition to External Hard Drive backups that I have here at home. Both these cloud services will accept data until the back up is done so I’m only limited by my internet speed (internet speeds are faster when there is less traffic so I like to back up at night). Mylio backs up whenever it notices a new photo so it stays current which I really appreciate.  Forever, I have to remind myself to upload any additions I want backed up there but I like having an extra backup and because I own the space I can pass it on to my children.

There are lots of options out there to choose from. I encourage you to read the fine print before placing your irreplaceable photos in their care.

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