The Future of Digital Cameras?

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Powerful Pocket Technology.  The lion’s share of photos taken today are on captured on phones because of convenience, size and portability.  Take a look at this upcoming camera technology and ask yourself if you have room in your pocket or...

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Mylio from Other Programs

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I get a lot of questions about how to best transition to Mylio from other organizing programs.  The thing to remember is that if your photos are not organized in other programs, they will not be organized well in Mylio.  Mylio will organize automatically using the metadata embedded in your digital files, but scanned photos have incorrect metadata so those files don’t organize well. Here’s some tips: Figure out how to only export one copy of the photo (don’t export by folders if you program allows you to have a photo accessed in a number of folders). Pay attention to the tagging or key wording, ratings, facial recognition and dates used in your program because Mylio will utilize that information as well to help you organize. Export in an organized fashion and have Mylio organize into folders – I use annual folders as a start so that I can break down my export into bitesized chunks for  “post import” Mylio organization. Be sure to have a back up of your original program’s data in case you want to go back, have an export problem or some other random issue (remember that you are working with computers – they will eventually let you down).  I always keep a current backup of the original files. I help a lot of people that have been using Panstoria’s Historian that want to use Mylio.  Below you will find a workflow for that transition.  I invite your comments. Historian to Mylio Happy organizing!...

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Portable Scanner Option

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A lot of people ask me about the type of scanner I use.  I’m an Epson fan when it comes to desktop scanners.  Particularly their photo scanner line.  I like their software, it is easy to use, even in the professional mode.  I like to ability to batch scan and to choose my resolution. I typically do all my corrections in Memory Manager so all the “bells & whistles” (like digital ice, dust removal, etc) don’t really interest me.  I like to have more control over my editing and I get much better quality scans if I don’t use the extra options on the scanner. Scan from your purse I used to pack my scanner and laptop with me when I went to people’s homes to capture their stories in photographs. Cumbersome and heavy – not to mention that scanners can be very temperamental when moved around.  But recently, I found a small portable scanner that has gotten me really excited.  It is very easy to use and does great quality scans without needing to be attached to a computer. It scans at 300 or 600 dpi very quickly, fits into a briefcase and comes with software that invisibly stitches scans of larger items together. The software is so easy to use – it does the stitching with the click of a button.  Every stitch has been perfect without my intervention.  I feel that the software alone is worth the price of the scanner.  This sweet little piece of technology has saved me hours of work in the short time that I’ve had it.  I highly recommend the FlipPal Scanner if you want quality, portability and something very easy to...

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